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Welcome to Japone Artists: Yusuke Morita

Theatrical group Japone Artists is pleased to announce a new member: Yusuke Morita.

Yusuke is a bass player and a composer who has a unique technique inspired by European Jazz, electronic music, and also Flamenco. He can produce small to large ensembles and he plays improvised music too. He has toured the US and EU several times and played many genres of music.

Yusuke is a registered artist of the bass guitar brand “Adamovic basses” from Haarlem, the Netherlands. He is currently working with us from Japan, but we hope to perform with him on stage in the Netherlands and abroad whenever the situation allows!

Soon we will be presenting our new work with Yusuke, please look forward to it.

Yusuke made a special video introduction that can be seen in the Breaking News video that was published recently.

Comment from Yusuke Morita

Hello everyone. Utako Arakawa offered me to become a part of Japone artists this April and I decided to join as a member.

As I told in the video, my bass guitars are build by Adamovic basses and I had an opportunity to visit Haarlem in 2018 during my Europe tour. It was then that I met Utako Arakawa in Haarlem.

I sometimes play with dancers and visual artists also here in Japan, but it’s my first opportunity to join an International theatrical group. We are already busy with creating some materials together online, we can show you those works in the very near future.

I’m looking forward to making new chemistry with Japone Artists and audiences overseas, and I’m also looking forward to finding out what I can do as a Japanese artist as well.

We are still in a hard pandemic situation even now, but I appreciate this opportunity and am looking forward to play in front of people as soon,

Please take care and stay tuned.

Thank you for reading.


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