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Japone Artists invited by Atsusacon 2023 in Gent, Belgium!

We are happy to that we will perform at Atsusacon 2023 in Gent,Belgium! We are looking forward to meet you at this event! Date: 9 July (Sunday) Time: 16:00 More information: At the Atsusacon 2023, 4 members of Japone Artists will present wonderful music (Japone Artists’ original music and Anime & Japanese film songs) stage acting and dance mixed with Japanese tradition and modern taste. The show will be with magnificent screen image-art! (*Yusuke Morita in Tokyo, Japan, Electronic Bass player/Composer will join as a creator of programing music.) This show will invite you an extraordinary world! *Performers: Utako Arakawa (Vocals)

Ayumi Matsuda (Recorder)

Hiromi Haneda (Screen image-art)

*Yusuke Morita (Programing music)


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