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Japone Artists to perform "Light in Darkness” at Heroes Made in Asia 2021

It has been confirmed that after a long absence, that the members of Japone Artists will return to the physical stage. The performance with the group will be at the first edition of Heroes Made in Asia in Gorinchem on 16 and 17 October 2021. The performances will be on both days at the same time, from 13.45.

The art collective will present a special performance with Japanese classic and contemporary music, theater, martial arts, dance and screen image-art, the show is titled "Light in Darkness".

…In a beautiful Japanese scenery with cherry blossom petals dancing around. A Japanese Geisha gets married to an American navy officer. But then a tragic story happens...

The new show, specially created for Heroes Made in Asia, is titled “Light in Darkness” and consists of 7 internationally performing Japanese artists; Utako Arakawa (Soprano/Vocals), Kazuma Glen Motomura (Dance), Ayumi Matsuda (Recorder), Yusuke Morita (Bass/Programming music), Hiromi Haneda (Screen image-art). For this performance, we will welcome the addition of two guest performers, pianist Misaki Yamada on keyboard and martial art performer Aristos for the theatrical combat. You will enjoy our extraordinary theatre combat and beautiful Japanese traditional scene with marvellous music and image-art screen! The spectacular and breathtaking show will invite you to an extraordinary world! After reaching our fans via digital platforms, such as new music videos and our video podcast "Japone Artists Talk", it is finally time to meet you all. We are looking forward to seeing you at Heroes Made in Asia 2021. Please RSVP on our Facebook events to show us that you are looking forward to seeing us again in real life! *Tickets:

Let's introduce our guest performers! Misaki Yamada (on the left) is a pianist from Japan and studied with W.Brons at Conservatorium van Amsterdam and graduated with a masters degree. Since then, she has been mostly active with teaching many students and giving regular concerts in and outside the Netherlands. She is also a manga artist as well, so, therefore, margin the culture between western music and Japanese manga is her life work. About performing with Japone Artists at Heroes Made in Asia 2021, she said: "What an honour to join to very unique group Japone Artists this time! I hope to give some special enthusiasms and memorable time from the stage to you all great audiences. Looking forward!" Aristos (on the right) is a professional martial arts stage performer, but that may not make clear what exactly he has in store. Aristos shared a message with us to explain a bit: "Hello, my name is Aristos. I have a great passion for performing and martial arts. A lot of people think of fighting when they hear martial arts, but it couldn't be less true. Martial arts has fighting but also music, dance, mythical creatures and so much more, during my performance I want to show You a part of my view on Martial arts. Now sit back and enjoy, see you soon!" If you want to know more about Aristos, please give a look at his Instagram profile.


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