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After joining the online edition of HYPER JAPAN in 2021, we are happy to announce that we will perform at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2022 in London! We are looking forward to meet you at this event!

Date: 23 July (Saturday) Time: Will be announced at a later date. More information: Our artist page on the website:


Utako Arakawa – Vocals

Ayumi Matsuda – Recorder

Yusuke Morita - Bass guitar, Manipulator

Aristos Dragon Warrior - Sword fighting / Martial Arts Actor

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Join us at our try-out show at Pletterij Haarlem, just before we will travel to London for our show at HYPER JAPAN. This show will also be streamed live for our fans worldwide who can't join this performance in person! Date:24 June (Friday) 20:00

Place: Lange Herenvest 122, 2011 BX Haarlem


Utako Arakawa – Vocals

Ayumi Matsuda – Recorder

Yusuke Morita - Bass guitar, Manipulator

For those who want to see our performance through a livestream, we want to let you know that the website is in Dutch but you can translate the website into English with Google Translate to make the process easier.

Japone Artists will have a charity concert full of love and passion for Ukraine! This concert is scheduled to take place on Saturday 2 July 2022 at Evangelisch-Lutherse Kerk in the city of Haarlem (10 min walk from the station Haarlem).

The program is very special, as it will contain Original/Improvisation music, Japanese traditional/Modern music including Final Fantasy “Love Theme”, Flamenco music, Classic music (de Falla, Mozart) and Negro Spirituals Etc..! You will enjoy marvelous music with acoustic sounds in a historical beautiful space of a church in Haarlem!

In this concert, especially our new member, who has joined us last year, bass player and composer Yusuke Morita will join to perform from Tokyo, Japan. He has been working also for anime productions such as Hirune-Hime (Napping Princess),Carol & Tuesday and recently Shenmue the animation. Together with him, Japone Artists have been fervently creating original music and videos, of which two music videos got presented at the UK event HYPER JAPAN.

This concert will make an impression on people of all generations with Japanese beauty and spirits through a refined high qualified performance! Please make a reservation (limited seats) and don't miss this special concert!


Soprano/Vocals: Utako Arakawa

Recorder: Ayumi Matsuda

Bass: Yusuke Morita

Piano: Yoshimi Kawai

Date: Saturday 2 July 2022, 20:00

Location: Evangelisch-Lutherse Kerk Haarlem Witte Herenstraat 22, 2011 NV Haarlem

Admission fee: 20 Euro*

(*Tickets at the door) Promotional material (Download)

*All proceeds of the concert go to : “Supporting and helping the refugees from the Ukraine by the Japanese church” For the sake of supporting the refugees of the Ukraine, Ref. Nobuyuki Uchimura (The paster of Milano church /Japanese Church of the Southern Netherlands) is cooperating with the Ref. Valentin Nehro of the Baptist church in Borehove, Ukraine. Mr. Uchimura´s one of activities is to transport supplies, foods and donation money directly to the Ukraine. He drives a distance of 2,600 km round trip from Milano to Ukraine.

Mr. Uchimura says that supporting refugees is normally done by professional organizations, but at the same time, the activity of local churches is essential and should not be forgotten. My mission is helping such local churches in the Ukraine. In my view, the big problem is that children are suffering greatly. They are one of the biggest victims. I would like to help for the week such as children, family and elderly people who need great help.

*Mr. Uchimura´s activity is reported in the following website. (*Japanese )

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